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Password Reset
If you need your password reset, please email with the following information:
Your full name
Your child's full name
Name of the school they attend
Email address associated with your Parent Access account

Someone will respond to you as soon as possible.

Important Updates
***Skyward Mobile App Android Device***: 12/9/17. This is an important announcement for Student Management and Business Management customers who use the Skyward Mobile app on an Android device.

What is the issue?
In a recent update to the Android version of the Skyward Mobile app, users were experiencing issues with logging in. Student Management users were experiencing student display issues and Business Management users were unable to change their TrueTime status.

How do I correct the problem?
An updated version of the Skyward Mobile app is now available in the Google Play Store. This update resolves all issues.

 ***Mobile Application Security Updates***: As of 12/8/17, due to a security enhancement for the Skyward Mobile Access application, if you are an Android user and update the mobile application, you will be prompted to re-enter your Skyward password. If you have any problems or questions, please contact your school office or

Also, if your password has expired, or are flagged as having to change your password on the next login, you will receive a message on the mobile app, "Could not load Skyward Mobile Access. Your password has expired". If you receive this message, you must log into Skyward on a desktop computer or through a browser to change your password in order to be able to access the mobile app.

These updates will allow Skyward to continue to provide secure access to their mobile application.

Welcome to Family Access
Family Access is a secure web application that provides you with direct access to your child's information via the Internet and allows you to view your child's attendance, grades, schedule, progress, assignments and emergency information. In addition, you can set your preferences (text, phone, email) for our new notification system, Skylert. You can even download the mobile app for your smartphone or tablet!

Skyward Family Access Accounts

Family Access accounts are created automatically upon registration of your student (custodial documentation may be needed in some circumstances). Login information can be obtained by contacting your student's main office or by emailing

If you do not have an account, please complete the PHS Family Access User Agreement Form and submit it to your child's school or the District Offices.
PHS Family Access User Agreement Form

Students should inform their teacher of user name and password issues.

Translation Options for Family Access
Parents and Guardians can choose to display their Family Access screen in other languages by using the built-in Google Translator. Please review the document below for information on using this feature.
Enabling Google Translator