WSAQ Teacher of the Month
Posted on 04/20/2015
WSAQ Teacher of the Month - Mrs. Clark of Fort Gratiot Middle School

On Monday, April 19, Chuck Santoni from WSAQ radio station was at Fort Gratiot Middle School to bring Mrs. Clark's class pizza from Party Express and a check for $200 from Winston McGlynn P.L.L.C. Two of Mrs. Clark's students nominated her for Teacher of the Month, which is a very high honor. Mrs. Clark said, "I love these kids!"

Here are the statements from the two students to nominate Mrs. Clark for Teacher of the Month

Halle Dupuis, 8th grade
Mrs. Clark is amazing. She always helps others before herself. She doesn't just give you homework then say read the directions and find out. No, Mrs. Clark will show like five slideshows, two articles, and like four word documents full of information. This is my third year with her, second year of ELA and I couldn't be more happy!! I nominate my teacher, Debra Clark, for Teacher of the Month!!!!!!

Sara Goheen, 7th Grade
Mrs. Clark should be Q Country's Teacher of the Month because she is fun, she teaches me new things I didn't know in ELA, and Mrs. Clark uses Google Classroom for our homework and assignments. Mrs. Clark is one of the best teachers in fort Gratiot Middle School. In my opinion, Mrs. Clark is really a good teacher and she cares for every student she has. Mrs. Clark should be Q Country's Teacher of the Month.

Congratulations Mrs. Clark and great work Sara and Halle!