PHS Adds Counselors in Schools

PHS Adds Counselors in Schools
Posted on 06/29/2018
News ImagePort Huron Schools recently increased its counseling staff by 25 percent, while maintaining the current level of social work and behavior specialists. The district increased school counseling support at all of its middle schools and high
schools, bringing the total number of counselors to 16. Rather than having some counselors split between buildings, each middle and high school will have a dedicated counseling team that will be available to students every day. Also, for the first time PHSchools will have a Transition Counselor working with students at Harrison Center.

“We recognize the importance of providing adequate support and guidance to our students,” noted Executive Director of Employee and Student Services Tracie
Eschenburg. Increased educational options leads to an increase in the need to provide information and support to students and families as they prepare for high school and
their post-secondary pathways.

“We also recognize that the social-emotional needs of many of our students have increased due to a variety of factors,” said Eschenburg. “We want to expand our proactive teaching of strategies and skills to help students navigate the challenges of growing up in our world today as well as provide appropriate support and referral services for all students.”